My Favorite Stock Market Books

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

There a lot of Stock market books out there, I've read quite a few books but I gained a real added value from only few of them.

There are books for long term investors, Day traders, Swing trader, Technical analysis etc..

It Doesn't matter what is your investment/trading strategy, there are few books that everyone who deals with the Stock exchange market must read.

In this post i will write on 2 books and in the future i will add more.

  • The first book I want to recommend is "Come Into My Trading Room" by Dr. Alexander Elder. That's a great Technical Analysis and trading psychology book. I read that book for more than 3 times and every time i discover something new.

  • The second book is "The Warren Buffet Way". When looking at it superficially, "The Warren Buffet Way" book is intended more for long term investors but that book is great for traders, investors or business man. This book will help you to get better understating of financial Management theories and concepts, stock trading and risk management.

That's for now, i will update this post in the future and i will add more books.



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