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Updated: May 9


In my last post , i wrote about the Importance of maintaining a good trading journal.

In this post i will share with you which trading journal i use.

I used to keep my trading records in some excel journal that i created.

My Excel sheet

After a while, i understood that i'm working too much for that excel and is not user friendly as i want to.

The excel file become very long and not comfortable for reading.

Over time, I configured the excel to display a lot of calculation and metrics but it was to much dirty for me, I believe technology should work for us and make our live easier and that wasn't the case.

I decided to search for an online trading journal platform that will fit my needs.

I have few simple but mandatory requirements that i can't work without them.

These are my requirements:

  • Real time quotes

  • Automatic creation of charts (charts with your entry and exit)

  • Broker statement importing (that actually works), Interactive brokers in my case.

  • Automatic commissions calculation

  • Strategy ranking (you write which strategy you used on each trade and getting calculation of which strategy is better).

  • Easy option to write comments on each trade and ability to attach images.

Those are the advanced features that i looked for, beside the "standard" features like Trends, P&L graphs, High win/loss etc.

On this post i'm not going to write a review on the trading journals that i tested, that's not the point of my post.

Now let's get to the point, after i tried 4 stocks trading journal platforms ( Tradervue,, Edgewonk, Trademetria) i came up with which is the most suitable for me and i think is one of the best trading journals out there for few reasons:

  • You really got the feeling that a real trader built that platform, everything is well designed to make our life easier.

  • Very attractive price. a beginner trader can easily work with the free plan and the BASIC plan is more than enough for a swing trader.

Subscription plan
  • features, features and features... provides all the features that i mention above and much more. I was very surprised to get all of those features in one platform at such a fair price. features

I have experience in programming, The calculation of the P&L, biggest winner, biggest loser, average lose etc is the easy part for such kind of platforms, It doesn't excite me, what caught my eye is the Strategy rankings and the automatic chart for each trade (once position is closed, you can see a chart with your entry and exit. This way you don't need to search for an image of your trade every time, it's all there.

The key metrics area provides very important data and the trade calendar is useful

as well.

One of my trades, automatic entry and exit

Trades view

To sum up, I hope you find this post useful, good trading journal can really improve your trading performance. has a free edition, take a few minutes, check it out and come back to tell me what do you think.

If you still want to use an excel sheet and you don't like your own file, leave a comment and i will upload my excel file.

P.S - There is no hidden interest and there is no prior acquaintance between me to

Good luck


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