The Technical analysis indicator of the week

Hi there,

On that series, i'm going to share with you what my favorites Technical analysis indicators are.

Each week i will share with you new Indicators from my top 4.

There are plenty of technical analysis indicators out there, i can tell you for sure that most of them are working in some cases, you know, even a broken clock is right twice a day :).

I'm not going to teach you what is the math behind the indicators, you have google for that.

what i'm going to share with you is what i use and how i use it.

For me, Technical analysis indicators are like Swiss knife, you need to have it in your pocket, know what each tool can do and pull it in the right moment.

I'm not using indicators on every trade as confirmation to my price action setup.

At the end, the best tool is support, resistant and trend lines, technical indicators Can be an advantage if you know how to use them correctly.



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