Why i chose swing trading?

At the begging of my trading journey, I started as a day trader.

I was excited from adrenaline, everything was fast, there is no time for thinking,

15 minutes and you have 1000$ in your pocket.

I spent hours behind the screen and I felt a whirlpool.

I can't say that i was a gambler because i knew what i'm doing but I definitely was addicted.

Fundamental trading is not an option because i can't sleep at night when my money invested for such a long term (Besides the fact that i'm not believing in fundamental investments, but that's for a different post) .

These conclusions led me to a swing trading.

Swing trading gave me all i need, less time behind the screen, high profit and Peace of mind.

I felt less stressed, i had time to build setups and track them without any pressure.

In futures posts i will explain more about swing trading Technic and how my trading system looks like.

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